How Much Is My House of Miniatures Kit Worth?

shelf full of house of miniatures kits

So, how much is my House of Miniatures kit worth? Are they all the same or are some worth more or less? Is it based on the original price or on scarcity? How do you figure out how much to pay for the kit you really want?

Determining Market Value

When you are in the market to buy or sell The House of Miniatures™ kits, there are many, many factors that can come into the question. The first thing you need to consider is who wants to buy such a kit? There are several types of buyers.

Types of Buyers

  • Builder – wants a complete set of parts with which to build a kit, either for the end product or for the enjoyment of making it, or both.
  • Collector – wants a sealed box in great condition, either for display or as a speculation on the value increasing, or both.
  • Reseller – wants to buy The House of Miniatures™ kits in bulk for resale to others at a profit.
  • Miniaturist – wants one specific item (or a few) for a special room setting.

Places to Sell Kits

  • Facebook Marketplace – If you want to sell locally, there are a number of options, including the Marketplace attached to Facebook. It isn’t just local, but it is local first. There are also local “yard sale” Facebook groups. I’ve also used apps like Letgo and Craigslist to buy locally, but I seldom find THoM kits on those, where as Facebook Marketplace is often a good place.
  • eBay – Although I often buy miniatures items on eBay, I seldom sell there. Between the setup, the complex rules, many scammers, and the fees, it has gotten to be more trouble than it is worth for selling. However, it is the best place I know for determining values. More on that below.
  • Etsy – As a seller, Etsy is a much more friendly place than eBay. It is not an auction, so there is less animosity in general. More of the sellers on there are crafters and artists, so there is an excellent market for THoM kits built in. Setting up a store can be a lengthy process, but once done the listing process is simple. And fees are lower than eBay has become.

Setting Prices

Back to our question: How much is my House of Miniatures kit worth?

This can be the most complex part of selling. If you are selling one or two kits and you have an idea of your market, the best way to determine a fair price is to use “Sold” listings from eBay. Here’s how I do it; say I’m looking to sell kit #40026, a set of Cabriole Leg Chippendale Chairs…

Single Item Sales

  1. Go to and type “house of miniatures 40026” into the search bar.
  2. On a computer, look down the left side of the results and check the box that says “Sold Items”. On the mobile app, tap Filters and select “Sold Items” near the bottom and then tap Done.
  3. Consider the three most recent sales.
  4. That will give you a price range.

You will need to look at the items more in depth to determine condition for comparison with what you are selling. Sealed kits bring higher prices, but you can determine for certain that the kit you are selling is complete by comparing the parts in the box with the Layout sheet inside the box. If you note that in your sales listing, guaranteeing that it is complete will give buyers confidence in their purchase.

Don’t forget to figure shipping into the price. I usually add the selling price and the shipping together when pricing items and then offer my item for sale with free shipping.

Selling By Lots

When you are just hoping to sell ten kits or more as a single lot and be done with it, it is still wise to check the individual values in case there are some rare items in your collection. However, batches of common kits will sell much more cheaply because your market is probably Builders or Resellers.

Be realistic about your price or you may sit on your collection for a long time. An auction may be good or bad, but the fees can sink your hopes. A free listing on Facebook Marketplace that lists a price and then says “or best offer” may spark interest from people who are outside of your area, so be ready to provide a cost for mailing the lot.

And yes, I am most always buying miniatures collections, especially THoM kits. I am both a collector and a reseller, but I may be a third type of buyer. I’m and archivist, a bibliographer, a librarian of sorts. I’m not so much collecting the kits as I am collection the story of the brand so that I can publish it on my web sites. For posterity.

So if you have a kits or accessories or old literature, etc., I may be interested in it. Contact me here.

How much is my House of Miniatures kit worth?

The bottom line is, as with anything, the kit is worth what the buyer is willing to pay. You can’t know that for sure, but with a little research you can make an educated guess. Have you ever paid too much? Ever sold to cheaply? I’d like to hear about your experiences, so please comment here below or on the Facebook Page!


  1. Love your site!..Just started doing miniatures myself, I’m making a lot of items including cutlery and food, however, love the Chippendale style of furniture. Some of the kits look quite advanced, but, I’m up for the challenge!…Anywhere I can buy some kits? pls advse tks so much! Hazel

    1. Hazel, HI!! My grandma’s name was Hazel 🤗 and I may be able to help you! I stumbled across a dollhouse at the curb, I had a totally random reason for wanting one that has nothing to do with the miniature hobby, but upon further inspection there was 4 full boxes of the entire house all unfinished, about 20 boxes of unopened furniture, flooring, wall paper, siding, singles, windows, doors, everything down to an unopened package of E6000. EVERYTHING. I have not the first clue about this hobby, but my heart wouldn’t let this stuff go be taken as trash. Please message me, it made me so sad to see these things from the 80’s unopened, unfinished, and then just dumped. I want nothing more than these pieces to finally have some life in them and get finished as they were I tented to. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I just happened to see your post while researching how to install the hardware on these miniatures. I brought a house of miniature Collectors NO. 40023 recently and trying to put it together. So far no luck on finding any instructions, any tips you can give it would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I just stumbled upon your site today, and I love it. Thank you for putting so much time and love and detail into your posts. I’ve never built a kit before but I am looking to purchase a couple to begin with, to see how well they come out. So I really like reading about your tips and tricks and the pictures you post. Thank you!

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