The Scale Cabinetmaker: THoM Kit Build and Bash

The House of Miniatures kits were popular with kit-bashers from the time X-Acto introduced them. Almost at the same time THoM kits appeared, a wonderful magazine named The Scale Cabinetmaker (TSC) debuted. In its second issue, January 1977, X-Acto began advertising The House of Miniatures inside the back cover. By the third issue of the magazine, THoM kits began appearing in articles.

The Thorne Rooms! In Knoxville?

The Thorne Rooms at the Knoxville Museum of Art - Spanish Foyer (photo by me :-)

You may often hear of the huge collections of Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. But did you know that there are also nine in a tiny museum in Knoxville, Tennessee? How did they wind up there? Let’s investigate!