Scenery Wax Review

scenery wax
Scenery Wax, Minihold brand

Hold Everything! With Scenery Wax

scenery wax
Scenery Wax, Mini-Hold brand

Scenery wax (aka adhesive wax) is one of those things I keep in the top drawer of my work table. I use it constantly for holding miniatures in place. And it is an amazing bargain, because a little tub goes a long way!

Here are a few ways I use scenery wax…

  • Keep miniature furniture in place in a miniature scene.
  • Hold miniature accessories, like books or ink wells in place ON furniture.
  • Hang pictures and mirrors on walls.
  • Hold cupboard doors in posed positions.
  • Position mini rugs in place.
  • To style my mustache… just kidding!
scenery wax
The Scenery Wax Inside the 1 oz. tub.

This is my 1 ounce tub of scenery wax that I have been using for several years. It is only my second tub ever, and only because I lost the first one. I left that first tub of Mini-Hold at a miniatures show, so someone in Maine is probably still using it.

Mini-Hold is the brand I’ve used for about 12 years, but I think they’ve stopped making it. The top name brand these days is Museum Wax, which might make you think of Madame Tussaud’s, but I digress.

Just a Dab, Really

scenery wax dab on a scalpel
Just a dab of scenery wax will do the trick.

For miniatures, it really only takes a small dab. Use a toothpick or a coffee stirrer to scrape out a little scoop. Roll it between your fingers to create a soft ball of wax. This would be enough for the bottom of a chair leg.

Stick down a couple of legs and the chair will stay put. Even if you turn the room upside down. I have a Christmas roombox with many toys and gifts on the floor. They stay in place when I transport the box to work at Christmas.

The other day I had to install a new battery holder on the Christmas scene box. I was able to lay the box on its back while I worked on it, and only a little, metal toy train dislodged. I was a little stingy with the wax on that piece.

Several Brands, Same Stuff

I’ve used a couple of brands and they are the same stuff. One might be higher quality than another, but not so you would notice in hobby miniatures work.

scenery wax, Museum Wax brand
scenery wax, quik stik brand


  1. I need about eight Victorian side chairs. I would like to use House of Miniatures kits. Any idea where I can get them?

    1. The House of Miniatures kits line did not include any specifically Victorian era dining chairs. Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Sheraton designs are included, any of which would be appropriate for use in that later era. It’s the a specific kit number you are searching for?

  2. I thought I remembered several years ago receiving something from House of Miniatures like a “kit of the month” club?
    Looking over this website I can’t seem to find how to even order a kit to build. How?????

    1. The House of Miniatures ceased operations 20 years ago. Many kits are available in the second hand markets.

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