Build First – Kit Building 101

Do I Stain or Build First? I know the first question the first customer to receive a The House of Miniatures kit asked. “Should I stain the pieces before I build the kit, or should I build first?” All About the Grain Let’s talk about the properties of wood for a moment. Most of the… Continue reading Build First – Kit Building 101

Create a Perfect Period Finish in Miniature

Ultimately, a perfect period finish comes down to a smooth, glassy look and even shading on all parts of the piece of furniture. Choices of materials and the technique you use are important as well. But the patience and skill to prep the surface, both initially and between coats, is worth learning. The enjoyment of a job well done is lasting.

Stain Pens Review

When staining miniature furniture, control of the amount and location of application are chief concerns. Precision is required in order to control the evenness of the final tone. Rags, swabs, and small brushes are all useful in the process, but I have found nothing so quick, clean, and precise as…