The Best Miniature Furniture Kit Ever?

Chippendale Broken Bonnet Highboy

Is The House of Miniatures kit #40023 the best miniature furniture kit ever? The Chippendale Broken Bonnet Highboy fetches the third-highest price among furniture kits on eBay. And the bidding is sometimes intense. Kit 40048 (Breakfront) and the rare #51113 (Williamsburg Bookcase) bring higher prices. But the 51113 isn’t popular, just very rare. And the Breakfront is huge and had much lower production numbers. Therefore, it is a collectible piece, especially in the sealed box.

Best miniature furniture kit? Chippendale Broken Bonnet Highboy

What are the Criteria for the Best Miniature Furniture Kit?

But what about building the highboy? Is it more rewarding than a slant-front desk? My experience is that it is a beast to build. It is both heavy and delicate. The panels warp with age. There are too many parts. It has more hardware than a Home Depot. And it has ugly feet.

Best miniature furniture kit - ugly feet

So, what appeals does it have? What claims to being the best miniature furniture kit? Well, have a look at it. It is tall and handsome. It is graceful. There is a kitchen’s worth of drawers. The curves! Finials, up and down. Cabriole legs, too! And if you carve the feet a bit you can add pads or even carve ball-and-claw. You could do working bale hardware. Besides, if the finish won’t come out even, there’s always “japanning”.

If building it is hard, then is that part of the reward of owning one? Yes, I think that building a well-done highboy is like a master level certification in House of Miniatures kits. Working up to it, making the investment, taking it on as a challenge. These are all part and parcel of what it means to be a fan of both miniatures in general and the brand. It is an accomplishment.

So, work up to it. Build it with your own flair. Then display it with pride. Because this is your master class. And, of course, it deserves a grand room box to reside in. So, there’s a good reason to make another room box, too!

Is it the best miniature kit in the House of Miniatures line? Have I answered the question? No, I’ve just given my opinion. What’s your opinion? Which kit gets your vote for Best? I’d love to discuss it here in the comments or over on the Facebook Group.


  1. The broken bonnet highboy is indeed a bear to build. It’s worth the effort, however. As for the best ever? How about the Mini Mundus Biedermeier writing desk. As many parts and hardware, more drawers, and a sliding desktop that doubles as a cover for the upper drawers.

  2. Hi All,
    I am missing the drawer bottoms to kit number 40011 item number 25
    The kits that I have are all older ones. I am enjoying putting them together. I am retired so this has become my new hobby. If this is not the correct place please tell me the correct one to go too.


    1. Drawer bottoms are plain wood pieces with no fancy cuts. You should be able to use the parts diagram to cut pieces out of basswood stock you can pick up at a craft store like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Jo Anne.

      If that is not something you are comfortable with, I have stock and could make them for you.

      Let me know.

    1. If you go to my other web site,, I have a product listing. Scroll down to the furniture kits and you will see PDF links in the right hand column. I’ve used the layout diagram on the instruction sheets to make furniture from scratch.

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